Surain's Flower Design
Let me create a SMILE 😃for you  


I started Surain's Flower Design because I am passionate about PEOPLE and the way Flowers make PEOPLE feel, its a remedy for all occasions. You can celebrate the beginning of a new life to the end of another, Flowers speak the universal language of LOVE, Flowers will create a smile for all, Grandma, Grandpa , MOM, DAD, Girlfriend, Friends, Family.  It makes even the sick feel loved and the old feel younger.  "Let me create a SMILE for you" 

About Surain 

I am a floral designer and laughter therapist I registered Surain's flower design in 2016. I’m also part of South Africa Flower Union (SAFU) and learned that we don’t arrange flower… we do a design with flowers hence my name Surain’s flower design “Let me rather arrange a smile for you”.
What is the difference between me and a florist?  I’m willing to work within the customer’s budget, discuss ideas and decide on the best option. I then buy the best and freshest flowers direct from the market do the design and deliver it to your chosen address.

I have completed training in Laughter therapy at Laughter SA, project management, events management, flower design at Zavion Kotze flower school, flower arranging and function decor at The SA School of Weddings. 

Additional services 

Paper Flowers

I’ve also discover the art of making giant paper flower’s.  This is a new trend in South Africa, and is popular in America to attend paper flower-classes. This new trend includes making backdrops for weddings, baby showers, special events and decorating rooms in your house.

Laughter therapy  

Corporate laughter session, team building & workshop & lunch laughter sessions

Laughter Decreases "Stress" Hormones
Muscle Relaxation
Reduction of Stress Hormones
Pain Reduction
Cardiac Exercise

Benefits of Laughter Exercises

Health benefits:

  • Reduces stress levels and keeps them down.
  • Boosts our immune system.
  • Improves our digestive system.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Oxygenates our major organs and brain.
  • Speeds up healing.
  • Boosts levels of cancer fighting cells.

Emotional benefit 

  • Elevates our mood within minutes.
  • Causes body to release a cocktail of drugs, hormones and neuro-peptides, reducing stress and puts us in a positive state of mind.
  • We become more loving, caring, forgiving and tolerant..
  • In all: boosts our Emotional Intelligence.
  • Improves relationships.

You can also compliment your order with personalised mugs and t shirts.